Extensive research failed to locate any statistics showing the percentage of irresponsible dog owners who disappear after attacks without leaving their contact details with the victim. Despite this, it appears to be a significant number.

There are hundreds of dog attack reports from around the world; in many cases, the owner and offending animal just walk away from the scene of the crime.

I presume they do this for one of 3 reasons:

  • They don’t want to pay the fine and vet bills
  • They don’t want their dog taken away and destroyed
  • They simply don’t care

If they do just walk away, it’s a pretty safe bet they will never be found or prosecuted due to lack of evidence. If there are witnesses, a successful prosecution would still be more likely if there’s photographic or video evidence.

Dog attacks can be very sudden, aggressive and traumatic. You instinctively try to save your pet. The last thing you think about is reaching for your phone, entering the pass code and pressing record to capture the attack, dog and owner while your pet’s being ripped apart.

My dog was attacked at 6.30 in the morning, there were no witnesses and I was alone. When eventually I made the aggressive dog release its jaws, all that was on my mind was emergency medical treatment as quickly as possible as my dog was losing so much blood from his horrific injuries.

The irresponsible owner took her dog and disappeared. Leaving me with no evidence whatsoever.

I did not have a clear picture in my mind of either of the two women and I am no expert on dog breeds, even less so on x-breeds. The council said the information I provided was too vague to be of any use!

Adelaide Dog Attack Register - Video & Photographic evidence

After the shock of the attack subsides, anger takes over as you discover there’s no chance for justice without any evidence.

Adelaide Dog Attack Register - Wearable CameraI researched and investigated microchips with inbuilt GPS transmitters (that technology is still 10 years away), before settling on this device.


This wearable camera captures video, audio and still images. It has GPS, time and date stamp. The camera has 32GB storage and is able to capture up to 8 hours continuous video through its ultra-wide 140-degree field-of-view lens, it also has low light and infra red capability.

The rear of the camera has an LED screen for video playback, a high quality built-in mic and it’s waterproof.

It’s attached to clothing via a swivelling crocodile clip.

This device with its all-day battery acts like a silent witness. I press record when we leave for our walk and stop when we get back. Hopefully, I will never need to view the footage … but the one day I do, I will have all the evidence I need.

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