Vicious Dog Attack at Sellicks Beach

Date: 22/07/2018
Time: 4:00 pm
Suburb: Sellicks Beach

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Unknown/Not sure

Location: Public Park

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? Yes

Owner identified? Yes

Cost of treatment: $ 85

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

Last Sunday afternoon my son was exercising my 13 yr old Border Collie when it was seriously attacked by an off lead crossbred dog, which ran from a distance with the sole purpose of attacking my dog. It charged in, grabbing my dog by the back of its neck and bowling it over and over until it pushed him into the Silver Sands Creek and pinning him under the deep water. The owner who was the other side of a newly built fence between the beach and the Wetlands off Just Rd, did absolutely nothing to help or even apologise. The only way I could get his dog to release mine was by whipping it with my dog’s lead. I was fearful it would attack me. I have since found out the owner of the dog which attacked mine lives at Just Road, Sellicks Beach.