Pet cat attacked by dog

Date: 10/02/2019
Time: 6:40 pm
Suburb: Plympton Park

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Bullmastiff

Location: At Home

Was dog leashed? Yes

Vet required? Yes

Owner identified? Yes

Cost of treatment: $ 2400

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

A teenage girl was walking a large breed (possibly bullmastiff) on the footpath past the front of my property. My cat was in the front yard with my wife as she was putting rubbish in the bin. My wife, the cat, the girl walking the dog, and the dog all noticed each other at around the same moment my wife called out to the girl to take care as the cat was in the yard. The girl continued walking along the footpath past the front of my house and the cat ran to the front fence as the dog was approaching. The cat poked his front leg out through a gap in the fence and the dog lunged over a garden bed and bit down on the cat’s leg and tried to pull the cat through a small (~5cm) gap in the fence. The girl had no chance of stopping the dog due to its size and strength. The owner and my wife attempted to get the dog to let go, also calling a neighbour over for help, but were unable to and the dog continued to bite down on the cat’s leg and pull, while growling and frothing at the mouth, for close to 10 minutes. When the dog did let go, the cat ran away to the side of the yard and the dog, who was still not controlled by the owner, chased him to attack him again but was thankfully cut off by my wife who was able to take the cat inside and then to the vet with injuries to its front right leg.