Shih Tzu’s Attacked on Shiraz Trail

Date: 19/08/2018
Time: 3:18 pm
Suburb: Willunga

Incident type: Attack

Dog: American Pit Bull Terrier

Location: Public Park

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? No

Owner identified? Yes

Cost of treatment: $

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

While walking our two Shih Tzu's on the walking track (Shiraz Trail) just up from Willunga vet (where a sign clearly points out, large penalties for dogs not on lead) one of our dogs was attacked by a Brindle Pit Bull causing puncture wounds to the stomach area. This large dog was not on lead and was on top of our dog without warning. The woman and her children and dogs just hurried away, hiding the dog in front of her to avoid photographs. She did not ask if our dog was ok, like this happens often for them.