Hillbank Dog Park

Date: 15/03/2020
Time: 6:35 am
Suburb: Hillbank

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Rottweiler

Location: Dog Park

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? No

Owner identified? Yes

Cost of treatment: $

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

The first incident was with the Rottweiler and the black and white dog of whom attacked a Greyhound dog - it had a chunk ripped out of its left leg, the owners were crying and racing it away before getting the dog attack owners details. After this incident there was discussion on which Dog actually did it and the man (Rottweiler) was initially said to not of been the attacker owner but the man with the black and white dog in the below image to the right. Once it all calmed down the Rottweiler came over and seemed to want to play, i let him sniff whilst the lead was on and all seemed okay but as soon as i let my dog off the lead within seconds it was being attacked. My dog ran to me and the Rottweiler was still attached, the owner came over and pulled him off. I was screaming at him for his ID, name and phone number but he didn’t pass it to me so i took the below image as he left.