Dog attack at West Beach

Date: 15/09/2019
Time: 5:20 pm
Suburb: West Beach

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Australian Cattle Dog

Location: Beach

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? Yes

Owner identified? Yes

Cost of treatment: $ 186

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

My partner and I were walking down to West Beach boat ramp at approximately 5:20 when a couple were walking in the opposite direction (off the beach) when their blue heeler x kelpie (OFF THE LEASH) turned around in our direction to chase our 3 kilo tiny Maltese poodle. At first he had a sniff and it was all okay until he jumped on top of his back to hump him. Immediately our dog was very uncomfortable as you would be being so small and a large dog has jumped onto you from behind. He growled. And the other dog jumped onto him and starting attacking him and bitting his neck. We could not get in between as we couldn’t see let alone reach our poor dog lucky he was on a leash I managed to pull him out and the owners just stood there and attached their dog back onto his leash. Our dog was traumatised screaming the beach down with fear as the couple just stood there and watched he said “sorry my dogs never done this before” at this point in time I was in hysterics and my partner and I were trying to calm our dog down. We told them their dog should’ve been on the leash and they walked off. When I put our dog back down we realised he was injured and the couple were still in the car park. So my partner approached them asking for their dogs details to report the incident he replied “nah” my partner responded with “why not he’s just attacked my dog and hurt him” he said “you report it it’s your word against mine and we’ll see you in court” - from the behaviour of them on the beach to then it erratically changed to the defence. He then claimed my 6 yr old 3 kilo Maltese with no front teeth bit him. But there was no talk about that down the beach until he was approached. Let alone my dog was under a dog double the size of him and we were ALL unable to reach him at the time of the attack! We reported it to the police but they said we are unable to do anything as it is a civil matter and it would cost us more to pursuit it in the end. We took him to the emergency and are very lucky our dog came out with bruising from the bite on his neck and a few sore bones. We are all very traumatised by this and hope the owners take responsibility and do something so this doesn’t happen to another innocent dog or even a child next time!