Dog Attack at Dernancourt / Highbury

Date: 10/09/2019
Time: 10:30 am
Suburb: Tea Tree Gully

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Location: Public Park

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? No

Owner identified? No

Cost of treatment: $

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

I am a 66 y.o. male who was walking my son's Husky along Linear Park when we were attacked by a larger dog that ran nearly 100 metres to firstly attack my dog and then me when I tried to pull the other dog off. The owner didn't have his dog on a leash at the time and although he called his dog when it took off after us, the dog completely ignored his owner, so the dog was not under proper control. The owner never apologised after he caught up with his dog and pulled it off and when I told him that his dog should be on a leash, he told me to "f... off" and that he didn't have to do this in the Tea Tree Gully Council area. I have suffered a broken little finger and graze on another finger where the other dog attacked me. I have reported the matter to the TTG Council who stated that the dog should have been on a leash unless in a dog park. This dog is very dangerous and if I had been a child, then this dog would have caused some serious injuries. I always have my son's dog on a leash when walking both TTG and Campelltown Council areas of Linear Park, why can't other people.