Dog Attack – Allenby Gardens Reserve

Date: 02/02/2020
Time: 6:00 pm
Suburb: Welland

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Unknown/Not sure

Location: Public Park

Was dog leashed? Yes

Vet required? Yes

Owner identified? No

Cost of treatment: $ 1500

Owner paid costs? Yes

Attack report:

Our dog, a staffy cross bull terrier, (whilst on the leash and returning to the car), and father-in-law were attacked this afternoon at Allenby Gardens Reserve / Lewanick Street. Dog that attacked was a black staffy in appearance - bigger than ours - off the leash, with a lady and man. Dog initially attacked from behind, and when our dog turned and yanked back our father-in-law realised what was happening. He restrained our dog by holding the harness and attempted to hold the other dog back, which was not wearing a collar or lead. My father-in-law had to physically jump on the dog to hold it down and restrain it from biting our dog or him any further. The lady eventually came around, asking what had happened. My father-in-law explained, before asking to exchange details, as vet and doctor assistance was required.
Our father-in-law didn't have his phone on him, and said they would have to walk to the car or her house to swap details on paper, as his son (my hubby) would be extremely angry about this occurring and would like her to pay some of the bills yet to come. She then proceeded to brush this off, saying, "are you threatening me?" before leaving with the man and calling her dog to do so with her. There were 2 girls with dogs, which were playing with our dog prior to the attack - they witnessed it all unfold - and said it isn't the first time this woman has done this, and are supporting reports and attempts to locate the lady. We have photos of the aftermath and have rung the police and will make a council report in the morning.