Dog attack

Date: 11/11/2019
Time: 10:10 am
Suburb: Highgate

Incident type: Attack

Dog: Unknown/Not sure

Location: In The Street

Was dog leashed? Yes

Vet required? No

Owner identified? No

Cost of treatment: $ 50

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

I was jogging in Highgate around 10:10am on Sunday 11 November. In front of Concordia college on Balmoral St, a man and his son? around 10 years old and a dog (looked like greyhound, pointy snout, large) were walking towards me. When we were passing each other, without any warning the dog jumped on me and bit my back.
The owner pulled the dog and kept walking, I said "Hey, I was bitten." Then the boy turned around and said "I'm sorry" but the man kept walking without saying anything.
I was in shock and couldn't do anything, but when I got home I realised the wound needed to be treated so I went to an after hours clinic. I got a tetanus shot and was prescribed a course of antibiotics.