Aggressive Dog North Adelaide

Date: 16/02/2019
Time: 7:00 pm
Suburb: Adelaide

Incident type: Harassment / Rush

Dog: Poodle

Location: In The Street

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? No

Owner identified? No

Cost of treatment: $ N/A

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

The incident titled above, happened when I was returning from The Old Lion hotel, collecting some takeaway food. As I walked back past the residence at 21 Finniss Street, the dog (white in colour) suddenly rushed towards the gate and barked aggressively towards me. I turned and reacted towards the dog, stepping to make sure it moves back from the gate and comes no closer.

However, instead of making any effort to control the behaviour of his dog, the owner, working in his garden, started using threatening and abusive language towards me, accusing me of kicking the gate. His statement is completely false, because had I kicked the gate, I assume that an audible sound would have been made. There was no such sound.
He claims that he saw me kick the gate, even though his view was obstructed by a hedge. I have also reported this to SA police, and made it clear to them that if they carry out a DNA investigation, they should find no traces of evidence that I kicked the gate, rendering this owner's statement baseless. SA Police have a record of the incident and told me to make a statement to you

Furthermore, I have witnessed also on numerous occasions that the aggressive behaviour of charging the fence by this dog was not only towards me, but also other passers-by.

I now leave the decision to you with regards to the investigation. I am travelling for the next four weeks, but can be reached on the following email addresses: