Adey Reserve Gynde

Date: 06/06/2020
Time: 7:30 am
Suburb: Glynde

Incident type: Harassment / Rush

Dog: German Shepherd

Location: Public Park

Was dog leashed? No

Vet required? No

Owner identified? No

Cost of treatment: $

Owner paid costs? No

Attack report:

Second time my dog has been attacked here in last few months by off lead dogs and owners that are indifferent. I had just walked into the park when a large German Sheppard ran up to my dog. I asked a jogger nearby if it was hers and she said no. I could not see the owner anywhere. The dog became agressive and dominant, it was jumping on top of my dog's back and very interested in his neck as though he wanted to bite it. I kept pulling my dog away from the attacker and standing between them but the Shepherd was becoming more agressive, growling, forcefully and strong. I saw a youngish male walk over slowly and he had a ball thrower and ball in his hand so I assumed the dog was his and yelled out to him to get his dog off mine. He still very slowly walked without any care or concern for what was happening. I yelled again that his dog was on top off mine acting very agressive could he hurry up. He cheerfully called out to his dog 'Mark' but made no hurry to get to us and help. My dog was very distressed and I was frightened that at any moment his dog was going to start biting my dog, I was having great difficulties keeping him away. I yelled angrily at the man could he hurry as his dog was acting very agressive and should be on the lead as it's not an off lead park. Again, he did not pick up pace and cheerfully called out 'Mark'. His dog was not listening to him at all and not under effective control. When he finally got to us he did not step in to get his dog off and away instead he stood back and kept calling his dog's name in a sweet voice not deep or even angrily. Of course the dog still did not listen but him being there was enough distraction for me to get away. I saw him continue to call his dog and try to get him back on the lead but his dog would not listen to him and walked off still as though looking for my dog. He eventually got his dog on the lead and immediately left the park. He did not say one word to me, he did not apologise ask if my dog was okay, or me. He was not interested in public safety and the welfare of others. As I sat in the car writing this I saw another dog owner come to the park, they immediately let their dog off lead and let the dog stray very far away from them, not in effective control. I was able to get a photo of this dog, but file too large to attach. I did not get a photo of the German Shepherd attacker as I was too busy trying to protect my dog, restrain his dog and get to safety and he left the park quickly. I was left very shaken and upset, my dog's jumper is ripped and he's covered in mud. Fortunately, we have had another near miss and I can't see injury. Still, how long before we are no longer lucky. I have lost count of the amount of times my dog has been set upon by other dogs that are off lead. I have reported these incidents to various councils in the past but no 'effective' measures are put in place to stop these irresponsible law breakers. Signs DO NOT work! Patrols and fines are needed.