Council are useless

Swan Terrace Memorial Ovals. Female Kelpie with high prey drive harrased and nipped at my leashed, smaller spaniel. Kelpie had no respect for its hopeless owner.
I kicked it in the guts and K ... Read more

Dog attack at West Beach

My partner and I were walking down to West Beach boat ramp at approximately 5:20 when a couple were walking in the opposite direction (off the beach) when their blue heeler x kelpie (OFF THE LEASH) ... Read more

Dangerous dog

Walking with my 2 children when an uncontrolled dog - with its owner chasing after it - went to go for my children. I put myself In front of the children to protect them. The dog bit my arm then to ... Read more

Dog attack Montacute Road, Hectorville

Hi guys, hoping you can help. My friend and her dog were attacked by another dog yesterday afternoon, (13th September) at about 5.45pm, on Montacute Road Hectorville, directly in front of East Torr ... Read more

Jo Gapper Dog Park Hillbank

I was at the Jo Gapper Dog Park with my dog Bella as well as a young man with his house mates dog Benji. Two young girls entered with 2 dogs (Staffy x Rhodesian Ridgeback 9 months old & an older bl ... Read more

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Attack

Asian woman unleashed her black Staffordshire Bull Terrier, which bolted straight for myself and my 2 dogs. The lady strolled over in no rush, while her dog attacked my two dogs. My Two dogs were r ... Read more

Male terrorising women with his dog

A man with a limp in the Seaford Rise area sets his black Rottweiler-type dog on to women walking their dogs. He encouraged his dog to attack me and my dog. He threatened to kill me and followed me ... Read more

Dog attack at Mount Barker

Walking my German shepherd on a lead along Keith Stephenson Park. A woman aged approximately late 50’s walking two brown English Staffie's. These dogs were on a lead. Female was unable to control ... Read more

Gold Bull Terrier Woodville Field

Aggressor dog's breed is boxer, bull terrier or put bull (or cross of a couple) it's golden/light brown. It has attacked my dog twice, both times it ran off leash across the oval to attack. The fir ... Read more

Dog Attack at Dernancourt / Highbury

I am a 66 y.o. male who was walking my son's Husky along Linear Park when we were attacked by a larger dog that ran nearly 100 metres to firstly attack my dog and then me when I tried to pull the o ... Read more