Pooch Park Findon Road

An unleashed Husky attacked my German Shepherd pup in Pooch Park at Findon. Owner refused to intervene, leaving me to fight off the husky on my own, and risk injury. No physical injuries to my dog, ... Read more

Dog got into home and mauled cat

Got into my house mauled my cat, two adults struggled to get the dog out. The dog then attacked another dog being walked by a woman and father. She fought the dog off and I drove her home because ... Read more

Dog attack Para Hills

Neighbours dog escaped property on Myall Road and attacked small dog walking past with owner. Owner of large dog contained dog and then spoke with owner of small dog.

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Dog attack St Agnes

Walking our pup on a lead. Dog came out of an open gate. The dog began biting my puppy, ripping his ear. The dog also bit me 6 times and my husband once. The owner came out, didn't help, instead sh ... Read more

Unleashed Blue Heeler

Unleashed Blue Heeler went to attack my Partner while he was walking our dog. Our dog stood between them, then as the Heeler went to attack my partner, our dog went for the Blue Heeler & grabbed it ... Read more

Dog attacked Wynn Vale

Light brown and cream bull terrier broke lose from its female walker supposedly called Katie, ran across the road knocked my wife over and attacked our miniature Schnauzer being walked on his lead. ... Read more

Walking home when dog attacked

I was doing a Sunday recreational walk and had turned for home from the Western Hospital area down Northey Court to my home at Henley Beach. I passed the corner house on Northey Court about to cros ... Read more

Dog Attack at Warradale

Tonight, Saturday 11th of July, Around 6pm, we were walking past a house on Sunshine Avenue on the corner of Straun Avenue. Where a dog started barking So we began crossing the road. It then came b ... Read more

Dog Attack at Tennyson Beach

White pit bull puppy (as stated by the owner) sprinted to us as we walked onto the beach. Ran at us from 800m away and at 75m away I decided it was not friendly. So I picked up my 6month old
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Dog attacked me and my dog

I was walking my dog on the Mt Osmond trail. An aggressive German Sheppard off leash attacked me and my dog, he scratched my back, bit my arm and injured my dog's back.

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