Fatal dog attack

Was walking my Maltese shih tzu and she was attacked by a golden retriever, my dog died of blood loss. Owner tried giving me a fake address and phone number.

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Irresponsible dog ownership

These two dogs shredded my little German Spitz at Beaumont Lacrosse Club
They were off leash on the other side of the field and within seconds attacking my little dog who required extensive s ... Read more

Dog kills cat on Council Reserve

A medium/large size dog with black/brown markings similar to Bullmastiff/staffy attacked and killed a black and white cat (no collar) on Council coastal reserve where a young family of 4 had just w ... Read more

Puppy mauled to death.

Staffy was a rescue dog adopted 4 weeks prior. He rushed out at 8 week old puppy with no signs of aggression. All of a sudden, grabbed around puppy's neck and began shaking puppy.
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Dog attack at park in Welland

Undesexed rottie pinned Maltese shitzu x down. Grabbed my dog by its back.

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Pug cross attacked Salisbury East

Walking a leashed pug cross on the footpath when a staffy looking dog rushed out of 4 Pearl St, Salisbury East and started attacking my dog. I fell to the ground when attempting to get my dog away ... Read more

Jack Russell attacked by Bullmastiff

Walking my 2 little Jack Russell's along the footpath in Mawson Circuit at Woodcroft when a Bullmastiff ran from a house across the road straight at me, my dogs weren't making any noise & I didn't ... Read more

2 Spoodles attacked Flagstaff Hill

Walking my two Spoodles and a white large pit bull style dog from 11 Fairlie Drive aggressively approached my dogs and then attacked both. I had to kick the dog for it to let go of my dogs. Only wh ... Read more

Stebonheath dog park

Walked into the dog park and the dogs were being a little pushy with my puppy, I shooed the dogs away but they continued to annoy my pup. All of a sudden it was 3 dogs onto my little whippet, my pu ... Read more

Brighton beach

This dog attacked one of my Mini Schnauzers at Brighton beach today. Both Schnauzers were on leads at the time, and his dog was not. After his dog first bit, he just stood there and called for his ... Read more