Dog Attack in Willow Bend Marden

Black Labrador loose on road. Attacked a small dog we are looking after whilst dog Owner [our Friends] are on Holiday - being walked on a Lead in our Street Willow Bend, Marden - on opposite side ... Read more

Dog attack in Macclesfield

I was walking along Deveareaux Road when a brown/tan/cream dog rushed at me growling and tried to jump at me but I pushed it away and hit it with my umbrella. The dog kept trying to jump at me and ... Read more

Aggressive dog and owner.

I was walking my dog on the Tangari Park walking trail on the leash as required and a Golden Retriever ran 60 metres and was about to attack my dog.

I warned the owner to call his dog and wh ... Read more

Beware of Pit Bull in Woodcroft

A large black and white Pit Bull cross ran 100 metres to confront my dog ... I asked the owner to call the dog but she did not. The dog was about to attack mine so I used a physical deterrent to re ... Read more

Dangerous Staffy X Bull Terrier Pup

6 month old Staffy x Bull Terrier (solid puppy) charged at my 18 week old Border Collie at Hazelmere Reserve Dog Park on Monday 7th May 2018. The offending dog ignored the continued calls to come b ... Read more

Menacing Dog – North Plympton

Jogging with my on leash dogs, staffy mix type dog being walked off leash on linear park track. Stopped when I saw the dog off leash but too late, dog charged across the road at us. Had to kick at ... Read more

Attack on German Shepherd

I was walking my dog with a friend and her dog. Another dog ran across the soccer oval to the playground and bit my dog and wouldn't let go. When the owner got there he tried helping but his animal ... Read more

Unprovoked Attack

White walking my lab on a lead the other dog came running across the road and jumped on my dog and was growling and biting her neck. It wouldn't let go! My dog was crying and making a terrible squ ... Read more

Unprovoked attack at Klemzig Oval

Staffy (on lead) attacked Koolie walking past on a lead, unprovoked and caused severe puncture wounds, surgery likely. Owner also got injured trying to get the staffy off of my dog.

... Read more

My Dog Attacked at Linear Park

I was walking linear park trail with my small dog. He is always on leash. He was approached by a large brown bullmastiff who was unleashed. He violently attacked several times. I tried lifting him ... Read more