German Shepherd Attacked 2 Bull Terriers

Walking my bullterriers on leash on semaphore beach When a man with a German Shepherd who i have seen lunge at other dogs before Was headed our way, I moved to the side to make mine sit and wait wh ... Read more

Dog Attack x2 dogs Brooklyn Park

Walking my greyhound on Everett Street Brooklyn Park when two large dogs off lead ran straight to my dog from their front yard. Owner controlled dogs before any further injuries could occur.

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Attacked by Border Collie Taperoo

I was walking my small westie/poodle on the beach opposite Ocean View High. Two border collies came at me and my dog retreated to the back of me. The brownish collie came at me and bit me on leg. T ... Read more

Aggressive dog in Seaford Rise

A brown American pit bull attacked our cat resulting in a tail amputation. We have seen this dog on multiple occasions out on the street and it is extremely aggressive towards people, trying to bit ... Read more

Dangerous Dog attacked multiple dogs

Earlier this year my dog was attacked by a loose dog on Baden Tce while I was walking him on lead. The Council seized the (unregistered) dog but it was returned to the owner. The dog subsequently e ... Read more

Dog attack resulting in death of Cav

Both dogs off leash, reportedly chased a ball thrown by 7yo boy. At some stage the other dog apparently snapped at my dog. I did not witness but others did. Bite hit a major vessel in her neck. Rus ... Read more

Dog Attack on Postman

A Rottweiler attacked our Postman last week. It grabbed hold of his foot and has eaten his boots alive. He had to push his motorbike on the dog to get it off of him. He was quite shaken up as yo ... Read more

Fatal dog attack

Was walking my Maltese shih tzu and she was attacked by a golden retriever, my dog died of blood loss. Owner tried giving me a fake address and phone number.

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Irresponsible dog ownership

These two dogs shredded my little German Spitz at Beaumont Lacrosse Club
They were off leash on the other side of the field and within seconds attacking my little dog who required extensive s ... Read more

Dog kills cat on Council Reserve

A medium/large size dog with black/brown markings similar to Bullmastiff/staffy attacked and killed a black and white cat (no collar) on Council coastal reserve where a young family of 4 had just w ... Read more