Dog Attacks 65 year old man

My father was walking to the bus stop on Trafford Street, Woodville Gardens when 2 dogs ran from their house (the gate was open) towards him and attacked, biting both his arms.

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Repeat offender dog attack

Caught this dog chasing my neighbours horse around her paddocks and it then tried to jump my dog fence to attack my dogs. Surrendered it to Onkaparinga council after roping it, as it is a known rep ... Read more

Vicious Dog Attack at Sellicks Beach

Last Sunday afternoon my son was exercising my 13 yr old Border Collie when it was seriously attacked by an off lead crossbred dog, which ran from a distance with the sole purpose of attacking my d ... Read more

Rottweiler X – OSullivan Beach

We were walking our 9 month old lab collie cross in a park near Roopena street leashed. We saw a large Rottweiler heading towards us from about 100m away (it was slightly fluffy, so probably a X), ... Read more

German Shepherd attacked by two dogs

I walked out past my house two staffy's were off lead came full pelt at my on lead shepherd they pinned him down both dogs were around my dogs neck my dog was squealing I was screaming, kicking my ... Read more

Dog attack at Seaford Meadows

I was at the house of the dog's owner, when his dog Ollie attacked my dog by the throat. I attempted to break them up and in the process lost my right hand index finger distal phalanges. I'm curren ... Read more

Ingle Farm Dog Attack

Whilst walking my small dog on leash, we were attacked by large unleashed dog. I managed to pick my dog up whereupon I was attacked and knocked to ground. Owner tried in vain to get his dog off me. ... Read more

Dog attacked by male Siberian Husky

My dog was attacked at a local school where locals sometimes let their dogs off the lead to run around. My dog is an 11 year Labradoodle who wouldn't hurt a fly, when a male Siberian Husky ran up w ... Read more

Loose vicious dog

A blonde woman around 30 was throwing a ball for a kelpie and what looked like a pit bull terrier. She was driving a blue station wagon. The pit bull grabbed the small dog, severely injuring him an ... Read more

Dog Attack in Willow Bend Marden

Black Labrador loose on road. Attacked a small dog we are looking after whilst dog Owner [our Friends] are on Holiday - being walked on a Lead in our Street Willow Bend, Marden - on opposite side ... Read more