2 Spoodles attacked Flagstaff Hill

Walking my two Spoodles and a white large pit bull style dog from 11 Fairlie Drive aggressively approached my dogs and then attacked both. I had to kick the dog for it to let go of my dogs. Only wh ... Read more

Stebonheath dog park

Walked into the dog park and the dogs were being a little pushy with my puppy, I shooed the dogs away but they continued to annoy my pup. All of a sudden it was 3 dogs onto my little whippet, my pu ... Read more

Brighton beach

This dog attacked one of my Mini Schnauzers at Brighton beach today. Both Schnauzers were on leads at the time, and his dog was not. After his dog first bit, he just stood there and called for his ... Read more

Dog attack at semaphore beach

Was walking with my German shepherd along the beach when a Pitbull x Staffy looking dog came running up to my dog, grabbed him around the neck threw him to the ground and was viciously biting at hi ... Read more

Bitten at local shops

One of 2 dogs tied up outside west beach medical center bit me completely unprovoked. Teeth broke skin on my hand but injury minor
Council notified and owner followed up

... Read more

Sausage dog attacked my puppy

My 7 month old American Staffy pup was attacked yesterday at about 4.15pm by a Sausage dog at our local dog park, we go there every day. This is the second time this dog has attacked mine, but the ... Read more

Willow Bend Dog attack on my dog

I walk my two 14-year-old Pomeranian dogs every day and this is how I was walking them in the morning (I do not know the time, but it was late morning) on the 13th of July 2017 when Suki was attack ... Read more

Blanchetown dog attack

We were out walking out two golden retrievers, a 2 year old and a 4 month old, along the southern side (near the lock) of the Murray River at Blanchetown last Saturday. Our dogs were both secured o ... Read more

Dog attack in Beverley

2 unleashed large dogs (possibly staffy) in a front yard with the gate open/low fence that they jumped multiple times. Our dog was being walked on a lead across the street and the dog immediately r ... Read more

Dog Attack at Davoren Park

My dogs were out in the backyard, supervised, when the dog next door at 63 Davoren Road, Davoren Park pushed it's way through a gap in the fencing and attacked my Maltese cross around the neck and ... Read more