Hillbank Dog Park

The first incident was with the Rottweiler and the black and white dog of whom attacked a Greyhound dog - it had a chunk ripped out of its left leg, the owners were crying and racing it away before ... Read more

Golden Grove Dog Park

The dog attacked another dog (not mine) and i was yelling at the owner to take it out, his mates (in image, i have two photos) stepped into tell me to leave and never come back, i was obviously ang ... Read more

Dog attacked human at public park

The dog was tied to a post at the park so I avoided walking too close to it, it seemed calm. Then suddenly it attacked, I was only just in reach when the dog used the extent of its lead to bite and ... Read more

Dog attacked at Walker Flat

My husband and I were walking our Japanese Spitz on a lead along Murray river on Rob Loxton Rd, Walker Flat. We saw a big dog without a lead, most likely a German Shepherd, who reacted as we approa ... Read more

Puppy attacked unprovoked

My dad was standing next to his car with his puppy on lead on the sidewalk next to him. He was dropping my brother and my brothers puppy off to pick up his car. Both puppies are 17wks old (siblings ... Read more

Dog Attack – Allenby Gardens Reserve

Our dog, a staffy cross bull terrier, (whilst on the leash and returning to the car), and father-in-law were attacked this afternoon at Allenby Gardens Reserve / Lewanick Street. Dog that attacked ... Read more

Dog Attack at Semaphore

My Dad (is in his 60s) was at Semaphore Foreshore Saturday night by the kiosk, when a very large dog charged at him attacking him. Knocking him down, he has bites to his leg, hip, arm and half his ... Read more

Dog Attack Broadview

We were walking our 2 small dogs down Brussels Street in Broadview when a German Shepherd came from across the road and attempted to bite / attack my little dog. My partner had to pick her up and t ... Read more

Unprovoked attack

Running along the levi bank at Kaurna Wetlands and saw 2 dogs playing in the wetlands and no owners present. Was running on the levi bank and ignored them when a Black staffy cross attacked me from ... Read more

Attacked in Elizabeth South

Hi, I was attacked today, while i was walking by a dog on the corner of Phillip Hwy and Hogarth Road, Elizabeth South. This dog looked to me to be a dark brown staff. There was another dog with it ... Read more