Dog attacked me and my dog

I was walking my dog on the Mt Osmond trail. An aggressive German Sheppard off leash attacked me and my dog, he scratched my back, bit my arm and injured my dog's back.

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2 Rottweiler attack in Hawthorn Street

My husband and I were walking our 2 small dogs on leads around the block when 2 large Rottweilers came out of a house on the other side of the road and attacked us. We managed to scoop our 2 small ... Read more

My dog was attacked by two small dogs

My assistance dog and I were jogging together at Mount Osmond Reserve when two small dogs rushed at us the first dog a cavoodle starting biting my dog I scared him off by shouting then a French bul ... Read more

Adey Reserve Gynde

Second time my dog has been attacked here in last few months by off lead dogs and owners that are indifferent. I had just walked into the park when a large German Sheppard ran up to my dog. I asked ... Read more

Bull Terrier type dog

Bull terrier Dog bit my dog but I intervened before fight caused injury.

Owner was a skinny blonde woman, who has walked that dog at the park before.

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My dog attacked by another dog

I was walking my Doberman around my neighbourhood when someone else was coming the other way while my dog showed no aggression the other dog attacked his nose for no reason, after trying to get him ... Read more

Aggressive dog at Seacliff

My daughter was walking our dog on the footpath opposite the Seacliff hotel. There are a couple of tables and seats there. The dog was on a leash under the table. My daughter did not see the dog wh ... Read more

Harassment, North Adelaide

It happened in War Memorial Dr, North Adelaide SA 5006. A woman with two huge dogs that she was unable to control, one of them rushed and harassed me while I was riding my bicycle, she apologised a ... Read more


Dog pushed thru front door of a house ran across front yard and started attacking as we (dog and I) walked past. It would not stop and the owners were ineffective in bringing it under control for a ... Read more

Dogs attack in Happy Valley

We were walking our two dogs (one being 10 years old, the other only a puppy). Suddenly, two dogs came sprinting down the path and lunged at the puppy. The owners were frantically yelling and chasi ... Read more