Dog Attack in Adelaide – Pirie St

We were walking home past the Salvation Army building at 277 Pirie St when my dog was subject to an unprovoked attack by an unrestrained dog (pictured - presumably a staffy x). I tried to pull my ... Read more

Puppy attacked by violent Husky

Fully Grown Black and White Male Husky known as Ghost broke off lead and attacked my 15 week old American Staffy puppy, un provoked. Not a first time offender...
Caused multiple bite Mark's d ... Read more

Both of my dogs were attacked

I was walking both of my dogs on their leads this morning when a dog that had escaped its yard attacked them. The owner was trying to restrain his dog but did not have a lead or collar. Had to take ... Read more

Attack at Sheidow Park

Rottweiler attacked my dog leaving her with injuries that required medical treatment. Owner of dog walked away without giving me details

... Read more

Dog Attack Valley View Walkleys Rd

A White huskey had gotten out of its home and ran straight towards the little dog I was walking. He grabbed him by the ear and neck and shook him. I pushed the dog away and picked up the little dog ... Read more

Dog Attack In Modbury North

The dog attacked my wife when she was delivering food to the owner, she lost half her left ear and got 4 stitches on her left hand. The owner didn’t pay much attention and no one came to help her ... Read more

Dog Attack at Andrews Farm Dog Park

Dog was aggressive as soon as it entered the dog park at Andrews Farm on Davoren Road. Owners are violent and aggressive also. Dog attacked ours for sniffing and the owners threatened to kill our d ... Read more

Waroona Street Park Holme Dog Attack

My daughter was walking our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I was a couple of steps ahead. Saw a male and female talking could see she had a dog lead in her hand, arm was extended as well. Could not ... Read more

Courier attacked by menacing dogs

The owner of the property concerned requested delivery of a parcel. After delivering parcel to door turned to exit property and was attacked by 2 dogs.
When almost to the gate I was rushed at ... Read more

Dog Killed – Largs Bay

Hi there,
I’m not even sure if this is the correct way to report but I want others in my area to know of a dangerous dog who has one attack registered & killed our miniature schnauzer 3 mon ... Read more