My Dog Attacked at Linear Park

I was walking linear park trail with my small dog. He is always on leash. He was approached by a large brown bullmastiff who was unleashed. He violently attacked several times. I tried lifting him ... Read more

My two dogs attacked at Creaser Park

Staffy came flying out of its front yard and knocked my border collie to the ground and bit her back region. Then went after my jack Russell going for her throat.

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Athelstone attack

Was playing fetch with my dog at Rosemary avenue reserve when 2 husky looking dogs came through on lead and attacked my cavoodle.

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Attack by Vizla on Alaskan Malamute

My Alaskan Malamute was having her normal walk, walking just in front of me when the Vizla dog who was laying on the ground outside a cafe adjacent to the people it was with attacked my dog without ... Read more

Male staff attacks female staff cros

Climbed out of car with my female staff cross on leash. 2 purebreeds one male one female were with their owners off leash. The male took one look and ran at my dog. He was determined to bite her. T ... Read more

Staffy attack on Miniature Schnauzer

Myself, husband and 2 children were sitting on Sellicks Beach with our miniature schnauzer, who was leashed as dogs have to be leashed in this area. An English staffy and a black Labrador that were ... Read more

German Shepherd Attacked 2 Bull Terriers

Walking my bullterriers on leash on semaphore beach When a man with a German Shepherd who i have seen lunge at other dogs before Was headed our way, I moved to the side to make mine sit and wait wh ... Read more

Dog Attack x2 dogs Brooklyn Park

Walking my greyhound on Everett Street Brooklyn Park when two large dogs off lead ran straight to my dog from their front yard. Owner controlled dogs before any further injuries could occur.

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Attacked by Border Collie Taperoo

I was walking my small westie/poodle on the beach opposite Ocean View High. Two border collies came at me and my dog retreated to the back of me. The brownish collie came at me and bit me on leg. T ... Read more

Aggressive dog in Seaford Rise

A brown American pit bull attacked our cat resulting in a tail amputation. We have seen this dog on multiple occasions out on the street and it is extremely aggressive towards people, trying to bit ... Read more